CDL School Houston TX, CDL training for driver license class “A” and “B”. Please call 832-706-6368, 210-9469841, 817-789-9823. We are located in Houston, San Antonio, and Fort Worth, Texas. Before you plan to come to the office, please make an appointment.

CDL School Houston Espanol


Training Cost is $2300 PAY IN PAYMENTS, the training include:

  • ELDT 20 Hours Government requirement
  • Reading test training Spanish English
  • Air Brakes in Cab Training
  • Pre-Trip Inspection training
  • Maneuvers on the truck
  • Route Test Training
  • Truck for Testing
  • We Provides the truck 6 Tries, Like Impossible Not to pass
  • Job Placement
  • Endorses


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CDL School Houston: ¡Tu Pasaporte a una Carrera Exitosa en el Transporte!

¿Listo para acelerar tu futuro con una carrera emocionante en camiones? ¡CDL School Houston es tu mejor aliada!

¿Por Qué Elegir CDL School Houston?

  • Formación Integral: Te ofrecemos un programa completo que incluye exámenes teóricos, pruebas prácticas y un examen médico. ¡Prepárate para el éxito en el transporte comercial!
  • Diversas Clases de CDL: Ya sea que te interesen los tractocamiones, autobuses o vehículos para materiales peligrosos, tenemos la formación ideal para ti.
  • Requisitos Flexibles: No importa tu edad, ya sea 18 o 21 años, contamos con programas para conducción interestatal e intrastatal.

Endosos Adicionales en CDL School Houston:

Amplía tus habilidades con endosos especializados en nuestro programa, desde tanques hasta autobuses escolares.

Nota: Los requisitos de la CDL pueden variar globalmente, pero en CDL School Houston nos enfocamos en cumplir con los estándares estadounidenses.

¡Inicia Tu Carrera en Camiones con CDL School Houston!

Descubre la libertad de la carretera abierta y las infinitas oportunidades que te brinda una licencia CDL. Únete a nosotros en CDL School Houston y convierte tus sueños de conducir en realidad.

¡No esperes más! Contacta a CDL School Houston ahora y acelera tu carrera en el transporte.

CDL School Houston te está esperando para encender el motor de tu futuro. ¡Tu aventura comienza aquí!

CDL School Houston: Your Gateway to a Successful Trucking Career

At CDL School Houston, we’re dedicated to powering the essential trucking sector in the USA. Our mission is to equip you with the necessary license and skills for a lucrative career in commercial driving.

Why Choose CDL School Houston? We ensure our students master the skills and knowledge for safe and efficient CMV operation. Our comprehensive program covers a written knowledge test, a practical skills test, and a medical examination.

CDL Classes at CDL School Houston:

  1. Class A: Master the art of operating tractor-trailers and semi-trucks with our thorough training.
  2. Class B: Learn to confidently navigate buses, dump trucks, and delivery trucks.
  3. Class C: Specialize in smaller passenger vans and hazardous material carriers.

At CDL School Houston, age is just a number! We welcome aspiring drivers aged 18 for intrastate and 21 for interstate commercial driving.

Seeking additional endorsements? We’ve got you covered! From tankers to school buses, our program prepares you for a variety of commercial vehicles.

Note: While CDL requirements can vary globally, at CDL School Houston, we focus on delivering the best training for US standards.

Begin Your Trucking Adventure with CDL School Houston!

Embrace the freedom of the open road and the myriad opportunities that a CDL can offer. Join us at CDL School Houston and transform your driving dreams into reality!

Don’t wait! Get in touch with CDL School Houston now and accelerate your trucking career!

CDL School Houston: Navigating Health Qualifications for CDL Drivers in Texas

Welcome to CDL School Houston, where we prepare you for a successful career in commercial driving, emphasizing the critical importance of health qualifications for CDL drivers in Texas. Understanding these health aspects is key to ensuring a safe and prosperous journey in the trucking industry.

Mental Health Matters for CDL Drivers: Mental wellness is crucial! Regular evaluations and appropriate treatments are key to ensuring mental fitness for safe driving.

Physical Fitness and Weight Management: It’s essential to maintain a healthy weight and physical fitness. CDL School Houston focuses on helping you meet these standards to avoid disqualification.

Navigating Vertigo and Driving Safety: Vertigo can significantly impact driving abilities. We emphasize the importance of being free from such conditions to meet Texas CDL standards.

Diabetes Management for CDL Holders: Properly managing diabetes is vital for safe driving. Uncontrolled diabetes can impair your abilities on the road, and we’re here to guide you through managing it effectively.

Respiratory Health for CDL Drivers: Good respiratory health is essential for CDL drivers. Regular checkups can help manage any conditions that might affect your driving performance.

Vision Requirements for CDL: Maintaining 20/40 vision in each eye is a must for CDL drivers. CDL School Houston encourages regular eye exams to ensure you meet this standard.

Hearing Standards for CDL Drivers: Adequate hearing is necessary for safe driving. Hearing tests are conducted to ensure you meet the required standards for CDL.

Substance Use and CDL Compliance: Avoiding prohibited substances is crucial for CDL drivers. Adherence to drug and alcohol regulations is mandatory and something we take seriously at CDL School Houston.

Blood Pressure Control for CDL Drivers: Maintaining healthy blood pressure levels (ideally 120/80) is important. Managing higher levels is essential for your driving career, and we’re here to support you in this journey.

Avoiding Hypertensive Crises: Preventing severe blood pressure spikes is key for CDL drivers. Regular monitoring and management are vital for CDL qualification.

Managing Sleep Apnea for Road Safety: Addressing sleep apnea is crucial for alertness on the road. Proper diagnosis and treatment are important to ensure you meet health requirements for CDL.

Conclusion: Your Road to a Healthy CDL Career at CDL School Houston

At CDL School Houston, we prioritize your health as much as your driving skills. By understanding and managing these health qualifications, you can ensure a long and successful career as a CDL driver in Texas. Stay healthy, stay safe, and let’s hit the road to success together!

Contact us at CDL School Houston today and take the first step towards a thriving career in commercial driving! Your journey to a rewarding and healthy trucking career starts here!


Is an affordable $ 2300 Pay in Payments manual truck class “A” training; here will learn how to drive trucks for a best low price of ly $ 2300 Pay in Payments everything you need to pass the DMV test; we use standard stick shift truck transmission, training includes support to pass the CLP, Air Brakes, Pre-trip Inspection, Maneuvers, Route Test training a, and Endorsements. Locations: San AntonioFort WorthDallasHoustonMcallenCorpus


Yes,  $2300 PAY IN PAYMENTS, the CDL school Houston training include:

  • ELDT 20 Hours Government requirement
  • Reading test training Spanish English
  • Air Brakes in Cab Training
  • Pre-Trip Inspection training
  • Maneuver on the truck
  • Truck for Testing
  • We Provides the truck 6 Tries, Impossible Not to pass
  • Job Placement
  • Endorses

🚚 Master the CDL Exam: Top Tips from CDL School Houston! 🌟

Are you gearing up for the CDL test at DMV? CDL School Houston is here to steer you away from common pitfalls! Let’s navigate through the 10 key reasons CDL students might not pass the test and how CDL School Houston can help you ace it! 🎯📚

1. Practice Makes Perfect! 🚛💪

  • Lack of practice is a major roadblock. At CDL School Houston, we ensure ample hands-on driving practice for confidence and preparedness.

2. Know the Rules 📜🔍

  • With CDL School Houston, dive deep into traffic laws, vehicle inspections, and safety procedures to ace the test.

3. Time is Ticking! ⏰🚨

  • CDL School Houston sharpens your time management skills, ensuring you complete each test section within the time limit.

4. Calm the Nerves 😌🧘‍♀️

  • Our supportive instructors at CDL School Houston help you overcome test anxiety for optimal performance.

5. Familiarize Yourself with the DMV 🚚🛣️

  • CDL School Houston prepares you for the DMV environment, boosting your confidence on the big day!

6. Master Vehicle Control 🛑✅

  • Gain expertise in vehicle handling with CDL School Houston‘s comprehensive training.

7. Instructions Matter! 🗣️👂

  • With CDL School Houston, learn to meticulously follow test instructions, avoiding critical errors.

8. Stay Sharp and Observant! 👀🚦

  • Enhance your observation and awareness skills with CDL School Houston for safe driving.

9. Pre-Trip Inspection Know-How 🧰🔧

  • Master the pre-trip inspection with CDL School Houston, an essential part of the CDL test.

10. Build Your Confidence! 🌈💪

  • Boost your self-assurance with CDL School Houston‘s supportive training environment.

🚚 Take the Wheel with Confidence at CDL School Houston! 🌟

With CDL School Houston, you’re not just preparing for the test; you’re gearing up for a successful career in truck driving. 🛣️🚛 Embrace the journey with us and turn your dreams into reality! 🚀

📞 Connect with CDL School Houston today and kickstart your path to success!

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Texas CDL training services want to show you a very important point that you need to checkup every day in your life maybe you want to become a CDL driver, or you are a CDL driver this is a small amount the drivers each year do not pass the physical due to NO PASS and is disqualifying for medical conditions.

  • Mentally troubles
  • Fitness overweight
  • Vertigo
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Vision 20/40 vision in each eye and both eyes together, with or without corrective lenses
  • Troubles with hearing
  • Use of marijuana any
  • Blood pressure is important average  120/80. If is Up to 130/80 you are in alert ,checkup what happening is important everyday
  • Hypertensive crisis
  • Sleep Apnea



Sleep Apnea Dramatic Symptoms and Risk Factors For You And Families on The Road.

Sleep apnea can show differently for each person; however, there are common symptoms that you might know. These alarm symptoms include:

  • Irritability
  • Snoring
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Dry mouth when wake up
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Frequent nighttime urination
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Low libido and impotence
  • Gasping or choking during sleep
  • Morning headaches

¡Descubre el Camino Americano con CDL School Houston!

CDL School Houston: Tu Puerta al Éxito en Dos Idiomas

¡En CDL School Houston hablamos español e inglés! Nuestra escuela de manejo bilingüe cerca de Houston te ofrece una capacitación de primera a un costo accesible de solo $2300, ¡el mejor precio del mercado!

  • Aprendizaje Teórico y Práctico: Los conductores se sumergen en un aprendizaje completo, cubriendo tanto la teoría como la práctica para superar con éxito el examen de la clase A para vehículos comerciales en Texas DMV.
  • Capacitación Online para el Test CLP: Ofrecemos cursos online para que puedas prepararte y pasar el test de lectura CLP sin complicaciones, ¡todo desde la comodidad de tu hogar!
  • Prácticas en las Calles Reales: Las clases prácticas de conducción se realizan en las mismas calles utilizadas por el Texas DMV, proporcionando una experiencia de aprendizaje auténtica y efectiva.

CDL School Houston: Excelencia y Accesibilidad

En CDL School Houston, nos enorgullecemos de ofrecer una formación de calidad a un precio accesible. Nuestro objetivo es que logres obtener tu licencia CDL de manera eficiente y segura, preparándote para una carrera exitosa en el transporte comercial.

¡Inicia Tu Viaje hacia una Carrera Brillante con CDL School Houston!

¡No esperes más! Únete a CDL School Houston y comienza tu viaje hacia una emocionante carrera en el transporte comercial. Con nosotros, estarás en el camino correcto hacia el éxito.

CDL School Houston te espera. ¡Llámanos hoy y da el primer paso hacia tu futuro brillante!

We speak Spanish and English bilingual driving school near Houston, training cost is only $2300 Pay in Payments best price in the market.

Los conductores aprenden las instrucciones teoricas  y prácticas para pasar el examen Texas DMV clase A para vehiculos comerciales. Cursos online para pasar el reading test CLP Las clases de conducción practicas son en las calles mismos sitios que utiliza el Texas DMV.


We have different locations in Texas so please call 832-7066368 | 210-946-9841 | 817-789-9823


Los estudiantes completarán la capacitación práctica en un camion manual standard, ademas de entrenamiento para la  inspeccion previa al viaje, prueba de frenos de aire en la cabina, estacionamiento en paralelo, reverso, offset,  desconexión y enganche el vehículo de combinación.

El estado de Texas permite que usted haga los examenes escritos en Espanol pero la parte practica require de decir algunas palabras en Ingles, las cuales le ensenaremos usted debera de aprenderlas de memoria.

Las  maniobras de manejo las hacemos conduciendo en calles y autopistas, después de la finalización exitosa de nuestro curso, el estudiante recibira si lo requiere ayuda para encontrar trabajo.

Drivers learn the theoretical and practical instructions to pass the Texas DMV Class A Commercial Vehicle Exam. Online courses are the tool that we use to support students to pass the CLP reading test. The practical driving classes are on the same streets as used by the Texas DMV.


Students will complete hands-on training on a standard manual truck, in addition to training for pre-trip inspection, cabin air brake testing, parallel parking, reverse, offset, disconnect and hitch the combination vehicle.

The state of Texas allows you to take the written exams in Spanish, but the practical part requires you to say some words in English, which we will teach you must learn by heart.

Maneuvers are part of the parking and backing the truck; the driving portion is on streets and highways. After completing our course, the student will receive help to find a job if required.


Our instructors speak Spanish – English, plus approximately half of our students are Hispanic. Our main objective is to ensure that the training process to obtain the CDL license is a comfortable experience.


  • Owner-Operator/Independent
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Freight Hauler
  • Bull Hauler
  • Tanker
  • Hoppers
  • Hauling Grain Regional Jobs
  • Tankers
  • Refrigerated
  • Freight/Reefer
  • Extremely Precious loads
  • Dry Van
  • Flat-Bed Loads
  • Oversize loads
  • Inter-modal
  • Dedicated Driver
  • Container Hauler
  • Freight
  • OTR Trucking


Are you prepared for a livelihood driving truck? You may help keep companies moving in many trucking projects, based on what sorts of paths you would like to conduct and hours you would like to perform. The Houston region boasts many semi-truck driving schools that could provide you with thorough trucking or petrol mechanic instruction.

Most truck driving schools provide Texas training in the English Language; we can support the students on-demand in Spanish if they need it. In Class A CDL training Texas Services, you can receive free research videos and online training evaluation aid. They also permit you to lease a semi-truck for the CDL test.

We have a different places in Texas, like Houston, San Antonio Fort Worth, Dallas. With all these alternatives, you would like to make sure you pick the ideal program and location. You will need to ask if you have questions, make sure that you feel comfortable. Speak about your targets and the types of tasks you need with each college you speak.



Training was designed to be affordable $2300 Pay in Payments and faster we support you with job placement, cuando el estudiante lo requiera nosotros le damos soporte en Espanol, Spanish CDL classes in Houston, Texas is the chance to pass in the first try because we are hand on training. These programs have proven by themselves to work for tens of thousands of students through the years.

Please call Bernardo at 832-706-6368 or either in person preferentially via the phone to determine when you can start with the Texas CDL program.


Texas truck driving school 832-706-6368 work in the transportation industry for more than 15 years; the trucking industry is vital to America’s economy. Trucker loads 78 % of products. The demand for CDL drivers is growing, and truckers can earn much more than $70,000 a year. You shall first need to make your CDL if you are enthusiastic about starting into the trucking industry.


Low price is just $2300 Pay in Payments while you can learn for and pass this test without attending truck driving school; however, you have to buy a truck, pay insurance, etc., here we can assist you when you pass the test IN THE DMV.

You will obtain the CDL permit from DMV; our training program makes the procedure easier.


Class A CDL training Houston offers low price $2300 Pay in Payments being variable programs. We do computer and truck training in Texas, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth. We do everything possible to make easy the way to reach the CDL license. Not just pass the CDL knowledge and abilities exams but to give you the knowledge and abilities essential to become CDL to the transportation industry.

Course A – Required to operate any mixture of vehicle tractor-trailers, including vehicle and trailer combinations, tractor-trailer buses, tanker automobiles, livestock carriers, flatbeds.

CDL school Houston image include student TX HOUSTON TX PHONE NUMBER 210-946-9841


Before you drive a commercial vehicle you will ne to come to the truck driving school in Houston to reach the CDL, you will need CDL training to prepare for the CLP test, practice on the truck and truck testing. CDL Classes in Houston offers a low price $2300 Pay in Payments with a complete training and the best think is affordable ONE-ON ONE Training.

CDL Classes HOUSTON TX training programs are faster, and students enrolled time that is fully able to complete them in a few weeks.


Our low price $2300 Pay in Payments CDL training is the very low price CDL training in Houston. Texas Truck Driving School has been working for 15 years to provide the increasingly competitive and cheap Texas CDL school. We have experienced and trained drivers to provide high-quality training for people who want to start a driving career as semi-trailers.

We are one of the few CDL Class private truck driving schools in Texas owned and run by a trucking and transportation market pioneer. And we are among those few truck driving schools in Houston, Texas, that do integrate job placement for students.

We are ready for each student to teach what it takes to obtain a successful CDL license, because our experienced instructors know the skills to learn and have experience with all types of students.

To learn more about a career as a semi-trailer driver or how Texas Truck Driving School can offer training to your business drivers.

call us now at 832-706-6368 or call us through our online form.